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Save the Filipino Farmers

by Nimfa Estrellado
Straight Talk
September 7, 2019

Filipino farmer. (CTTO)


Our filipino farmers sells their milled rice for 7 pesos and copra for 11 pesos per kilo while these unscrupulous politicians they get to have 22M+ a DAY. They are crying for help from the government and yet they’re still unheard, funny how they focus on less problematic things.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte signed Rice Tariffication Law ,“free-for-all” importation of rice, vetoed Coco Levy Fund Bill, twice Liberalization of sugar industry next, “free-for-all” importation of sugar?

Insult to injury. Coconut farmers, sugar farmers, and now rice farmers. Due poor and self serving government policies in the agriculture sector the farmers are suffering. Now you offer loans they cannot afford to pay. Yet you wonder why the NPA strives.

My heart goes out to the rice farmers who are suffering because of the Rice Tariffication Law. Let’s do something and buy directly from them.

My heart goes out to the coconut farmers, against with Duterte’s coco levy bill, said that there was no assurance that the bill will be legislated and that it will not guarantee the return of the P100 billion estimated coco levy funds to small coconut farmers.


Why is the Senate is so serious about the comfort room issues and not the farmers who are starving to death in the Philippines? No one is speaking for it! No one had the courage to talk about it. That Rice Tariffication Law and Coco Levy Bill is a mess, it just made the farmers so poor.

There are 3.5 million coconut farmers and another 3.5 million rice farmers in the Philippines, comprising of 90 percent of the total farmers in the country.

Sen. Cynthia Villar opened the floodgates to rice importation. Villar, who sponsored the rice Tarrification Bill and the chairperson of the agrarian reform, earlier claimed the information of devalued rice as false. She said the problem isn’t in the rice Tariffication Law which she authored.

Clear conflict of interest. I guess her family will benefit from this law. Yes. The Villars love their billions but I don’t know if she has any concern for farmers or she understands key agrarian issues. They cleared a lot of farmlands to convert into subdivisions and streets that would pass by their businesses. Cynthia was the proponent of the Rice Tariffication Law which has saturated the market with imported rice.

Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan said he would refile a bill that seeks to establish a trust fund for coconut farmers, which President Rodrigo Duterte vetoed.

Please notice our farmers. They deserves more! Buy local rice and support Filipino farmers as they feel the severe effects of the rice tariffication law. Instead of softdrinks (soda), switch to buko juice to help coconut farmers who have been suffering because of dropping copra prices. Moreso, it is beneficial to our health. Finding more export markets for our coconut produce will ultimately help our coco farmers and businesses.

Let’s help our rice and coconut farmers restore and replenish their livelihood! Our farmers work hard to bring you rice and beautiful coconut products. Let us support them.


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