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The Philippines loses to Marcos

by Nimfa Estrellado
Straight Talk
October 26, 2019

File:Ferdinand Marcos 1986 inauguration.jpg
Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos is sworn by Chief Justice Ramon Aquino in the Ceremonial Hall of Malacañan Palace. The inauguration took place on February 25, 1986. (PHOTO BY AFP)

Another Marcos ill-gotten wealth case junked. This is the third Marcos-ill gotten wealth case that the Sandiganbayan dismissed this year.

Duterte on September 27, 2018, “Kababata ko ‘yan eh. He (Calida) is an Ilocano. He is related to the Marcoses, kay Doña Josefa”.

Yes, COURTS DISMISS ANOTHER IMELDA ROMUALDEZ MARCOS CASE. According to the Inquirer report, the Sandiganbayan has junked a P267.371 million ill-gotten wealth case against dictator Ferdinand Marcos, his widow, Imelda, and several associates due to “insufficient evidence”, citing that evidence presented were mere photocopies.

After three long decades of litigation, INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE? And Malacañang said the Sandiganbayan decision junking the forfeiture case of the Marcos family’s ill-gotten wealth through Gimenez “should be accorded respect and obedience. Sorry to burst your bubble but the new Chief Justice is a Marcos apologist.

All the evidence is being dismissed by technicalities, a handy work by the sinister, whoever that is.

Why is so much favor being bestowed to the Marcoses? Imelda got free jail time, Sandiganbayan on their side on the stolen wealth.

If there is one lesson I learned from all this it’s that never submit evidence in photocopy or xerox copy, because it takes years our justice system to review a case and in that the figures and letters have faded, only a blank sheet of paper. you shouldn’t even have photocopies anyway. Otherwise, it’s just hearsay. Do a screenshot instead.


The said ill-gotten wealth will always be hearsay. Acquitted not guilty. If hearsay is not enough to implicate Marcoses then neither can it suffice to implicate anyone else. Anything short of this equal treatment is selective (in)justice.

Many cases are thrown out of poor evidence. Technically correct. But here in this case? Witnesses’ accounts and testimonies cannot be treated as merely hearsay in a competent court of law. They’re rather admitted as what they are, evidence. Judgment based on TRUTH is justice. The truth could be physical and or verbal, as long as it’s proven. Justice, real justice is about facts. Not hearsay or propaganda.

In the Rappler article “FALSE: ‘No proof’ that Marcos couple stole billions from Filipinos” published on November 15, 2018, at least two court cases show that the Marcoses have ill-gotten wealth. In one of these, the Supreme Court forfeited the recovered Marcos assets in favor of the Philippines government.

In a parallel universe, Marcoses can spout one lie after another, and remain a credible career politician without being fact-checked.

The justice system in the Philippines can be bought. Sadly. This is how Philippine’s justice works. This is why corruption in the Philippines thrive and will never be eliminated until the justice system is where it’s supposed to be; impartial, fair, just for everyone not just the elite, the rich and the privileged.

Most people in the Philippines believe more in the power of a justice of Tulfo rather than the slow decisions of justice in the Supreme Court.


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