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The SEA Games 2019

Straight Talk
by Nimfa Estrellado
November 23, 2019

BONG GO: Hosting the SEA Games will show the world how far the Philippines has come, especially during the Duterte administration.

Hotel and accommodation? EPIC FAIL
Transport and logistics? EPIC FAIL
Media Accreditation?

More like “Hosting the SEA Games will show the world how incompetent, irresponsible and corrupt the Philippines government officials have become, especially during the Duterte’s administration.” Yes, Bong Go, you stand corrected.

We have shown the world that under President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the Philippines has “come” all over the place, and it’s too messy, we can’t even wipe it up.

The country drew criticism over its hosting of the 30th Southeast Asian Games. According to ABS-CBN, foreign athletes and media practitioners have whined of awful accommodations and accreditation for the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, days before the sporting event’s official launch. From hotel lodging, and transportation to served food and media accreditation, members of foreign delegations to the sporting event experienced what they were not expecting from a country that had hosted the Games three times before this year. The foreign press reported woeful preparations, particularly the ongoing renovation of the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila.

The ways Die-hard Duterte Supporters (DDS) defend the SEA games are so inconsistent and desperate that it’s laughable. And these idiots say it is we, media practitioners, who want the SEA Games to fail because we are exposing the govt’s failures. From the reprehensible logo and mascot designs to the rushed and unfinished constructions to complaints raised by volunteers themselves, at what point did the red flags fail to warn us about the real and present incompetence of SEA Games officials? These people are criminals.

DDS wants us to see the good instead of negativeness in the SEA Games. Okay. I’ll give you one. With all the shit going on, it might take a long time before we could host the SEA games again. Ahhh fewer expenses. Is that positive enough?

I am not surprised that the Sea Games preparation fails. The government itself is a mess right now. Come on and wake up. Shake your asses and look at the cruel reality of the government’s obvious corruption.

“Walang budget! Walang budget! Hindi na approve.”Yan lagi naririnig ng mga atleta kapag nag request ng funds for training and exposure abroad. Pero may budget ang gobyerno para sa 50M na kaldero. - Gretchen Malalad

I agree with Gretchen Malalad about athletes being treated differently. This way, we see the extent of the corruption in SEA Games 2019. Especially alongside all the other information about the athletes not getting financial support and the volunteers being treated like animals. That cauldron is a monument to corruption in the Duterte regime. A keeper!

Duterte defends 50-M SEA Games cauldron anew: Yung cauldron was designed by a national artist.

How completely ethical to spend 50-M on a cauldron when the Philippines suffers in poverty and is losing its professionals to other countries due to the lack of funding of salaries. Hearing stories about the lack of proper healthcare all over the country breaks my heart. If you can afford to spend 6-B on Sea Games and even 50-M on a freaking cauldron alone then maybe you can afford to allocate resources for the needs of your constituents?

Dizon on 50-million cauldron: You cannot put a price tag on inspiring present and future athletes. We can argue about how much it costs but we cannot argue about building monuments for our athletes. They deserve it.


The president is “so wild” against vapers but “too naive” on 50-M Cauldron. Seriously?

We need a national sports program overhaul.

Philippine Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee (Phisgoc) Chairman and House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano are indeed inept and incompetent in handling and managing the SEA Games, issued an apology to Timor-Leste, Myanmar, and Cambodia on Sunday, November 24 “for the inconvenience caused to them by the confusion regarding their transportation and hotel arrangements.”

SEA Games 2019 mishaps due to budget delay, Senator Franklin Drilon ‘partly to blame’, says lawmaker.

It was the House that caused the 2019 budget’s passage to be delayed because of lawmaker's illegal insertions. Cayetano and group failures were due to their mismanagement. The easiest way to avoid criticisms for own failure is to look for somebody to blame!

It’s already started with Cayetano trying to blame Drilon for the budget. The worst part is Filipinos are so gullible they eat up any shit the government says, by the end of the SEA Games there will be many scapegoats, none connected to Cayetano. He will be Teflon again.


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