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PH has no 'Best SEA Games Organizer' Award, only best athletes

By Nimfa Estrellado
December 7, 2019

PNA: The Sports Industry Awards (SPIA) Asia has recognized the Philippine Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee (Phisgoc) as the best organizer of the SEA Games, citing its efforts in staging world-class opening ceremonies and for organizing the record 56 sports comprising 530 events.

Esquiremag: No, we did not win the ‘Best SEA Games Organizer’ Award.

My thoughts on the Philippines (PH) hailed as ‘Best SEA Games Organizer Award? So here are my thoughts...

I was shocked when I read the news about that on the PNA website like I stopped what I am doing for a couple of minutes thinking “Wait, what? For real?."

After a few early glitches, the 2019 SEA Games are up and going. The pre-ceremony period of the games was completely overshadowed by criticism and negative publicity, but eventually, the ship seems to have been steady.

Of course, I want Sea games to succeed and our fellow Filipino athletes too. But I will not buy this ‘Best SEA Games Organizer’ Award. This is ridiculous.

DDS be like: “So proud to be a Pinoy. Labas mga bashers.”

Every time someone talks about the “negativity” of the media’s criticism of the SEA Games screw-ups I want to punch something! And I know so many of these people! This isn’t about YOU.


Contrary to what the PNA reported, the SPIA did not officially recognize the Philippines as the best SEA Games organizer. It did, however, award a citation to Alan Peter Cayetano.

You can’t be the “Best Organizer 2019” if you’re the only organizer of the year. Is the award given every 5-6 years, right? But still, an award will not save Cayetano from being investigated.

I appreciate the gestures of the SPIA. In recognizing the efforts of all people behind the success of our country in bringing out the best in us during the opening ceremony as well as being the host of 30th SEAGames. I salute all the organizers and all the people who work hard to make this event happen. INDEED, the billions of LOANED money spent for that particular event was given justice. God bless you all till the end of the event.

Nobody ever bashed the SEA Games itself. Filipinos were rightfully bashing the corrupt. irresponsible, and elitist politicians who displaced ethnic minorities and mishandled public funds. If you can’t see the difference then maybe you should return your diplomat? Criticisms were about corruption and critics include foreign delegates, nevertheless, the gestures of the SPIA are complimenting.

I support the SEA Games, the Filipino athletes but not corruption.

You still have time to appreciate and give credit when credit is due.

Moreover, Day 4 of the SEA Games is ongoing with one hundred and sixty-two medals at stake. Hosts Philippines still leads the medal tally with a total of one hundred and six medals, almost half of which are gold. Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore make up the top five but Laos and Timor-Leste are yet to win a gold medal.

Congrats! We are proud to be a Filipino! We did it in spite of all criticism!

Discipline wins games, motivation and inspiration win championships. Discipline makes a winner, motivation, and inspiration produce legends.

We hope it’s not yet too late to cheer for our admirable Filipino athletes of SEA Games 2019! We’re praying for a clean and fair competition.

Mabuhay ang mga atletang Pilipino! To all our athletes: you make us proud and believe in our better selves! Our athletes need our support.


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