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Local health authorities monitor 4th suspected nCoV carrier in Quezon

By Gemi Formaran
February 8, 2020

Dr. Grace Santiago (right) in an interview with anchor Mae Dueñas- Formaran over Radyo Pilipinas Lucena.

LUCENA CITY - After confirming the presence of three suspected carriers of the deadly nobel coronavirus in Quezon province on Tuesday, local health officials on Thursday recorded another nCoV case in the province.

However, Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Grace Santiago assured the public that the province remains negative for nCoV cases.

The health official said they have four patients under investigation (PUI).

She said the four have history of travel to China, Hongkong or Macau within the past 14 days.

In an interview over Radyo Pilipinas Lucena, Santiago said the patients sought consultation for symptoms such as cough, colds or fever.

Santiago said the four are being managed Department of Health and Integrated Provincial Health Office while awaiting for the results of the swab examination from the national reference laboratory where the collected specimens were sent.

Like the three patients under investigation, the fourth suspected nCOv carrier also showed signs of infection.


Santiago reminds the public that nCoV is transmitted through close contact, hence it cannot spread if people practice precautions on personal hygiene, like proper handwashing, and covering of mouth.

The Quarantine Area and the Incident Command System at Quezon Medical Center (QMC) are in the middle of having 4 PUIs or people under investigation in the province.

According to Dr. Grace Santiago, Provincial Health Officer, can serve as speaker of the IPHO or Integrated Provincial Health Office for updating PUI and provincial status on nCoV.

Only the designated spokesperson will provide an official statement that may be approved by the DOH.

The wall guard team owned by Ms. Ayesha Give, the Emerging and Re-emerging Team having IPHO for monitoring nCoV in Quezon.

It can remain confidential to the identity of the 4 PUIs as well as to the identity, residence and origin of the town.

According to Dr. Santiago, will take another swab at the nose and mouth of the PUI and when positive from quarantine and monitoring, then RITM can be taken to Alabang or Batangas Medical Center.

Call of Dr. Santiago did not panic because the virus was airborne but in close contact with a coronavirus positive person.

Maintain a healthy body image especially the immune system, take Vitamin C, supplements, water, hand holding and use of 70% alcohol. th/nose when coughing/sneezing.


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