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Lucban police chief relives over sexual harassment

by Raadee Sausa
April 2, 2021

Lucban police chief relives over sexual harassment
Merene (Photo from PNP)

LUCBAN, Quezon - The police chief of Lucban, Quezon, has been relieved of his post over a sexual harassment complaint of a policewoman.

The Quezon Police Provincial Office Public Information Office (QPPO PIO) said over the weekend, that Maj. Rizaldy Merene was relieved of his post two days after the sexual harassment incident involving a policewoman whose identity has been withheld.

Quezon police said the incident happened on the night of March 25 in Tayabas City. The QPPO did not provide other details.

The QPPO said that Quezon acting police chief Col. Ericson Dulag “strongly stressed that this act is not a virtue of a responsible, respected, and disciplined police officer following the PNP’s intensified Internal Cleansing Program.”

The sexual harassment complaint against Merene was filed before the City Prosecutor’s Office of Tayabas City in Quezon.

Merene was “administratively relieved and reassigned” to the Quezon Provincial Holding and Accounting Section.

Moreover, Maj. Lauro Moratillo has been designed as Lucban police officer-in-charge.

Merene and the Lucban Municipal Police Station came under fire in June 2020, after the police station, in a now-deleted Facebook post, gave “victim-blaming” advice – that women should not wear short clothing so that they would not become victims of sex crimes.

However, Merene claimed that the Facebook post was taken out of context but insisted that the point of the post was for women not to wear revealing clothing so that they would get sexually harassed.


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