Tagkawayan town extends support to COVID-19 vaccination program

by Nimfa Estrellado November 25, 2021 Tagkawayan Isolation Building TAGKAWAYAN, Quezon - The local government is expected to vaccinate more ...

by Nimfa Estrellado
November 25, 2021

Tagkawayan town extends support to COVID-19 vaccination program
Tagkawayan Isolation Building

TAGKAWAYAN, Quezon - The local government is expected to vaccinate more residents against various diseases with the help of its extended vaccination program.

The Municipal Health Office has launched the Covid-19 vaccination program, which will use Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines as the initial dose for their citizens.

According to the Tagkawayan MHO, they intend to distribute it to their fellow citizens aged 18 and up who have registered with the local government.

Apart from the Covid-19 vaccines, the local government will also start vaccinating children.

The program aims to protect young people against various diseases such as measles-rubella, tetanus-diptheria, and human papilloma virus (HPV).

The purpose of such a program is to prevent the spread of the disease in their town, especially in the barangays.

Additional temporary treatment and monitoring facility, opened in Tagkawayan

The Tagkawayan local government has also intensified its measures against Covid-19, with the opening of one of the new buildings at Maria L. Eleazar General Hospital (MLEGH) that will serve as a Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facility. .

The new and modern building inaugurated recently will help prevent patients from having to move to another hospital, according to Mayor Carlo Eleazar.

Therefore, Eleazar thanked the Department of Health (DOH) as well as Quezon Fourth District Representative Dr. Helen Tan for its continued assistance to the local government to address the health problems in Tagkawayan.

This includes the provision of additional ambulances and the transfer of MLEGH management to the national government.

Tan is the main author of the enactment of the ‘renationalization’ of the said hospital.

Eleazar, on the other hand, boasted that less than two years since the said hospital was renationalized, there are now 11 doctors serving here from the previous three.

He also said that a two-storey building and another six-storey building will soon be available, which is expected to be completed next year.

The mayor is confident that some of the other rehabilitations carried out at the hospital will be completed in three to five years. It also hopes to add up to 40 more doctors to MLEGH.

Helen Tan announced several other new facilities at MLEGH including a new intensive care unit and operating room that will also be available for emergencies.

The congressman also wants to make sure that all the equipment is complete and he needs to make sure that the patients who will be confined to the hospital will not have any more difficulties.

Among those who attended the inauguration of the new hospital facility were Department of Health Regional Director Dr. Eduardo C. Janairo, Hospital Administrator Dr. Ruby Efraim Rubiano, and Chief of Hospital Dr. Reynaldo Florido. (report from Tagkawayan Teleradyo and Tagkawayan LGU)


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