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Mulanay opens new Pasalubong Center to showcase local products

By Rowena Cruz Quezon Governor Angelina "Doktora Helen" Tan, Cong. Reynante Arrogancia and Mulanay Mayor Aristotle Aguirre with lo...

By Rowena Cruz

Mulanay opens new Pasalubong Center to showcase local products
Quezon Governor Angelina "Doktora Helen" Tan, Cong. Reynante Arrogancia and Mulanay Mayor Aristotle Aguirre with local officials during the inauguration of the Pasalubong Center in Brgy. Sta. Rosa, Mulanay, and Quezon. (Photo from Reynan Uy Arrogancia/FB)

MULANAY, Quezon - In a series of events aimed at boosting tourism and economic development, the municipality of Mulanay, Quezon, marked several milestones. With the support of Quezon Governor Angelina "Doktora Helen" Tan and 3rd District Cong. Reynante Arrogancia, the fourth Pasalubong Center on the Bondoc Peninsula, was inaugurated in Brgy. Sta. Rosa.

This center, featuring local products, delicacies, and cultural displays, will serve as a rest stop for travelers, a hub for promoting Mulanay's unique offerings, and a boost to the local economy. A restroom facility was also constructed to provide convenience for visitors passing through the area.

"Mulanay is the center of commerce and tourism on the Bondoc Peninsula, and this new facility will not only help boost the local economy even further but also the residents and neighboring municipalities," said Mulanay Mayor Aristotle Aguirre, expressing his gratitude to local artisans and entrepreneurs for their contributions.

During the Provincial Government of Quezon's Medical and Dental Mission led by Governor Tan, a new "Responde Agad" rescue vehicle, donated by Arrogancia's office, was blessed and turned over to the municipality. This vehicle will provide free transportation and medical assistance to residents, strengthening emergency response capabilities.

The governor also announced plans for an infirmary and an ambulatory hospital to further improve healthcare services in the town. "These initiatives are part of our commitment to prioritize the health and well-being of the community, especially during times of emergencies," she stated.

Cash assistance and agricultural inputs, including much-needed fertilizer, were distributed to local farmers and residents. Mayor Aguirre expressed his gratitude for the support and emphasized the importance of agriculture in the community.

"We are grateful to Cong. Arrogancia and Gov. Tan for their continued support and commitment to our community," said Mayor Aguirre. "We understand the vital role agriculture plays in our community, and these fertilizers will be a significant help to our farmers in increasing their yields and improving their livelihoods."

Aguirre reaffirmed his commitment to working with local officials and stakeholders to ensure the effective allocation of resources and create more opportunities for farmers and small businesses in Mulanay, stressing the importance of these establishments in promoting sustainable development and economic growth.

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