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Not Making Money From Home? 5 Reasons Why

By: Darren Heslip

No one at any time stated it would be easy… Making money from home, that is.

Sure, maybe the sales page declared that it would be simple and easy, based on the "guru" who assured you to buy the last money making system you’ll ever need anyways.

Don’t fear, we’ve all had the experience before and know the experience of "is this the very last program or Internet business I’ll have to join to make money from home?" You generally start out strong but a few months or few weeks and that excitement starts to turn to frustration and then you give in and jump to the next popular thing that is without a doubt "the answer".

Chances are, if you bought something before you’ll probably buy again, and there is nothing wrong with that. Well, except the fact that you’re going broke looking for that magic system that will make you money.

So, why does it appear to be everyone else is making money from home except for you?

Or are they?

Let’s look at 5 factors why you aren't succeeding and what you can do right now to modify that.

Reason #1. You actually don’t believe it is entirely possible for you.

You believe it's possible because there's a lot of evidence that verifies it. People on Facebook, Twitter etc.. are showing their own proof of income from home. It’s the reality that your very own belief is you can’t create the same financial success.

Well, I’m living proof that that is a myth that only certain "chosen" few create results. The people succeeding are absolutely no different than you and I.

Don’t take my word for it though, hear it for yourself from them… Watch this Video!

Reason #2. Your attitude is rotten.

Sorry, but this is one of those things that most people won’t admit to. If you believe or even just say everything is a scam or rip off, you will never see any making money from home success for yourself. It won’t happen, guaranteed.

You need to change your negative attitude to positive first and have a good mindset.

Reason #3. Confusion and distraction.

This will happen when we get caught up with social media landscape like Facebook and other types. Also when we get bombarded by emails daily from people shouting "join me".

making money from home.

Unsubscribe from any lists that give no value. Stay away from Facebook or limit the time and effort on it to remain focused.

You’ll hear lots of chatter out there that will try to break your focus, so you’ll need to ignore it. Sometimes it will be difficult, other times it will seem almost impossible but you can train your mind to stay focused

Reason #4. Lack of determination

We all have the desire to make money from home and live "that" lifestyle but what separates the success stories from the failures comes down to desire versus determination.

Determination creates success and desire simply doesn’t. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want.

Reason #5. Lack of clarity

Know your "why". Why do you want to make money from home? Seems obvious and simple but surprisingly people really can’t give a specific reason and without clarity they never get to any level of success.

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