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Stop Hazing Now

by Nimfa Estrellado
Straight Talk
September 28, 2019

“Hazing made me who I am today” -Senator Bato

“Hazing is a matter of personal perception” -PNP Chief Albayalde

Hello “alagad ng batas” people we have RA No. 8049 or the Anti Hazing Act of 1995 which bans hazing. You expect “lawmen” to know the law but here it isn’t the case. Hazing is a crime period. You were a law enforcer before. You are a lawmaker now. You do not deserve your position if you do not believe in the law.

Hazing was never and will never be okay.

When I look at hazings: the recent PMA victim was electrocuted in his genitals, while Atio Castillo of UST who died a few years ago was naked in the final stages of hazing. That all has shades of what they say can happen in prison showers. Does that shape Filipino leaders?

Disagree completely. Hazing is not the only issue with frats. Nepotism, misogyny, toxic masculinity, these are woven into the very fabric of what a fraternity is. Frats need to go.

The horrors of 'hazing' reportedly not only in College sororities and fraternities, but even in high schools across the country. The program was extremely revealing and shocking as it provided a wealth of information regarding so-called Greek 'hazing' rituals carried out across this Nation.


Unfortunately, hazing is a predominant force among colleges, schools, military and even church groups, that it is blatantly out of control. Often, supposed 'leaders' or participants of hazing are sadly protected by 'frat brothers and sisters,' school coaches, and are rarely prosecuted for hazing incidents - even those involving death. The horrors of hazing are so unbelievable that most parents would shiver to think that their child could ultimately be faced with such vile cruelty.

What exactly is 'hazing?' Hazing is defined as: any act or ceremony which creates the risk of harm to the student or to any other party and that is committed as a form of initiation into a particular club or activity. Hazing includes, but is not limited to, activities that involve the risk of physical harm, whipping, branding, ingesting vile substances, sleep deprivation, over-exposure to heat or cold, restraint, nudity, or kidnapping. Hazing could also include include actions or simulations of a sexual nature, activities that create a hostile, abusive, or intimidating environment for the student.'

As a social issue, hazing is a volatile crime that should not only be prosecuted to the fullest extent of assault, battery, rape and other criminal laws; but also, any community leaders such as coaches, teachers, etc. should be held accountable for inaction to prevent hazing incidents when they are aware or condone such events. Today, hazing is still considered 'child's play' by many communities that yield a blind eye to hazing rituals. In most cases, victims are humiliated, physically tortured, mentally abused, molested, raped, and live with emotional and physical scars that may last a lifetime. Hazing victims are usually forced to leave schools, institutions and other organizations in fear of their lives.

Hazing is NOT a play. It is a violent act or acts that sometimes leads to a senseless, fatal crime. It appalls me that a Nationwide law has not been legislated to prevent or legitimately prosecute hazing organizations. Hazing is considered light-hearted and a simple 'initiation process' until it happens to your child, your niece or nephew, or your sibling.

In a 'moral' and civilized society, hazing should never be tolerated. You can make a world of difference; stay informed, get involved, be aware and stop hazing in its tracks before it touches you personally.


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