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NBI agents arrest bogus female lawyer

By Gemi Formaran
January 11, 2020

FAKE LAWYER. NBI- Quezon chief Dominador Villanueva questions suspected swindler Victoria de los Reyes shortly after her arrest. Behind him is Special Investigator Raul Tepace who led the entrapment. (Photo by Gemi Formaran)

LUCENA CITY - Agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)- Quezon yesterday arrested a 42 year-old woman who has been disguising as a lawyer offering to handle annulment cases for fees during an entrapment operation inside a fastfood chain at Grand Central Terminal in Brgy. Ilayang Dupay, this city.

NBI- Quezon chief Dominador Villanueva said his men led by Special Investigator III Raul Tepace arrested Victoria de los Reyes, 42, of Aldebaran St., Zapote, Las Piñas City at 9:30 a.m. while transacting with her latest victim, a female medical practitioner and resident of this city.

De los Reyes, who who offered to handle the victim's annulment case, demanded an attorney' fee in the amount of P150,000 in exchange for a court's favorable decision on the case.

Villanueva said the victim was reffered to De los Reyes by another female medical practitioner, who claimed that her annulment case has been approved by a court through the effort of De los Reyes in exchange for similar amount.

"With the assurance of her friend, the victim made a deal with De los Reyes and started paying her the amount in staggered mode last July 23", the NBI official said .

After the full payment to the suspect of the on October 9 in exchange for the document bearing a court's approval of the annulment case, Villanueva said the victim's husband who has some friends at Lucena City Regional Trial Court Branch 58, where the case was allegedly heard, discovered that it was a fake document.


The victim told Tepace that she inquired at the court, where she found out that it has no record of her annulment case.

The victim immwdiately sought the help of the NBI-Quezon.

Tepace said they arranged a meeting with the suspect in a fast food chain. "For De los Reyes to surface, the victim told her that she has a female friend, who like her, has also an annulment case and that she is looking for a good lawyer" , said Tepace.

At around 9:00 a.m.yesterday, he said the suspect took the bait and arrived at the food chain where the victim and her friend were waiting.

While having conversation, l the suspect told the victim that there will be a grace period of 90 working days for the change of her status to effect, from married to not married.

De mos Reyes also told the victim that she had already submitted the court decision and certification from Lucena City RTC Branch 58 of the finality of the decision approving the annulment of her marriage to Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) so she can apply for a CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage).

It was at that point that the suspect was accosted by the NBI agents.

It was learned that De los Reyes has already been arrested by the police sometime last year over similar offense.

Villanueva said they are expecting the other victims to surrface and file charges against De los Reyes.


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