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Catanauan 4311 group and how it started

By Eugene Uy
June 10, 2020

Catanauan 4311 group and how it started
Mr. KC Cuerdo with his wife while preparing the relief goods.

CATANAUAN, Quezon - The lockdown was an unforeseen circumstance that none of us expected such as loss of employment, unstable income, and many other distressing situations and it is all because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the midst of these troubled times, one group has emerged in Catanauan, Quezon, the Catanauan 4311. It is mainly conceptualized and created by a person with a golden heart, Mr. KC Cuerdo, a public school teacher. Perhaps some of the people in the 3rd district of Quezon know him because of his brother, Mr. Byron Aloysius Cuerdo, the Principal of Ilayang Yuni National High School in Mulanay, Quezon who was awarded by DepEd Quezon for his system and software innovations that truly helped a lot of public school teachers.

Based on an interview, he said that the name was formed using the Zip Code of Catanauan which is 4311. It is mainly a small-scale relief operation that became a spirit of volunteerism and service. Because of this initiative, many people joined the group and as of today, it has 7000 members and it has helped countless distressed kababayans. The group used social media to raise funds and reach out.

As of the moment, the 4311 group offers #Sagip Kababayan – helping fellow distressed Quezonians in different parts of the Philippines, door to door deliveries of primary goods such as food and medicines, Online Medical Consultations and many others. In fact, this group allowed some business owners to post their products at reasonable prices in order to help the small-medium businesses, it also organizes occasional competitions online like singing, dancing and other games to entertain fellow kababayans who are staying at home. Of course, some of the members pledged prizes for the winners of the competition.

When asked if he could spare me some time for an interview, he immediately said “Yes, karangalan po namin na maipahayag ang aming kwento”. He specifically said that “We are not for praises and we are merely helping, we are only given one life and we should leave a positive mark”. He also quoted that to sacrifice for others is one of the greatest achievements that we can have in our lives.

In one of his posts, he mentioned that not all LGUs’ have the necessary resources to Combat this pandemic. In fact, we have exhausted some of our public schools as quarantine zones, so, it is all our responsibility to guard each other’s safety and health.

As of the moment, the 4311 group partnered with the local LGU and other private organizations to further spread the spirit of volunteerism. The group continuously provides any form of assistance.

One remarkable instance was when a fellow kababayan posted a 1 month old baby who was placed in an ICU and was incubated and the bill reached Php 700,000. The post became known as #Baby_Matt Send me home☺. The effort of the 4311 group did not go in vain, many kababayans pledged and it was even recognized by the Commission on Human Rights. On June 2, 2020, baby Matt was finally sent home.

It is truly an inspiring story of hope in the midst of crisis. Additionally, we Quezonians in general are helpful and resilient because in our blood, runs the immortal seed of heroism, courage and empathy for one another.


  1. Sa oras ng kagipitan. Catanauanin lumalabas pagkamatulungin at pagkarelihiyoso sa lahat ng pagkakataon.

  2. Proud of you, well-written ��