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Lucena City Tourism prepares for the 2020 Linggo ng Lucena, with “Ipinagmamalaki ko, Lucenahin Ako!” theme

By Sammie Rodriguez
July 30, 2020

Lucena City Tourism prepares for the 2020 Linggo ng Lucena, with “Ipinagmamalaki ko,Lucenahin Ako!” theme
Photo from Lucena City Tourism Office official Facebook Page

LUCENA CITY, Quezon – On July 7, 2020, a month before the main event, the Lucena City Tourism Office (LCTO) unveiled its upcoming activity on the social media site, Facebook for Linggo ng Lucena and the 59th anniversary of the city's founding, which will be celebrated on 14-20 August 2020.

LCTO has said that this pandemic of COVID 19 can not stop them from celebrating this important event, and it is comforting to know that there are still ways to observe the meaning behind the event according to them.

"Let us heal as one and participate in various contests being conducted by the City Government of Lucena thru the Office of the City Tourism," LCTO said.

For the aforementioned online events, both the Spoken Word Poetry and Pagsulat ng Sanaysay competitions are open only to Lucenahins, but the Digital Poster Making contest is open to non-residents as well. They decided to keep Pagsulat ng Sanaysay in the possession of high school students to enable them to improve their skills in essay writing and to expand their vocabulary in the Filipino language.

Linggo ng Lucena is considered to be a busy week for everyone. An event in which people meet and engage in activities organized by the LCTO.

In an online interview with the LCTO, they said what they normally do during Linggo ng Lucena and how they planned for this year's celebration as we go digital with the so-called "new normal."

“Normally, we do a lot of preparations for various events—from tree planting activity, Natatanging Lucenahin—recognizing the people who made contributions and impact to the city, Quezon Day Celebration, awarding of top businesses, etc. This year, the pandemic may have limited our movements, but that didn’t hinder us from observing the annual event. But to keep our citizens involved, we came up with various online contests such as the Digital Poster Making, Pagsulat ng Sanaysay, and Spoken Word Poetry. Aside from the online contests, the Office of the City Tourism will be conducting a clean-up drive of our existing wall paintings, a virtual quiz bee hosted by the Lucena Council for Culture and the Arts (LCCA), and a floral offering to President Manuel L. Quezon’s monument at Ilayang Dupay Elementary School on Quezon Day.”

Below is the photo of the event proper calendar for the Lingo ng Lucena.
Lucena City Tourism prepares for the 2020 Linggo ng Lucena, with “Ipinagmamalaki ko,Lucenahin Ako!” theme
Photo from Lucena City Tourism Office FB Page

LCTO also added, in an online interview, how this activity would be conducted out, especially for physical activities.“Our honorable mayor, Roderick A. Alcala stressed to the committee that on August 19, on the day of the floral offering, minimum health protocols should be observed such as physical distancing, wearing of face masks and other proper safety procedures. Usually, we have around 2500 guests during the activity, but this time we shall have less than 200 attendees only which is less than 10% only versus the usual.”

Few more days until August and the celebration for Linggo ng Lucena is fast approaching and LCTO is looking forward to more participants joining their virtual contest.

Each contest has a corresponding deadline, at least a few days before the first day of the weeklong celebration, which is from August 14-20. The LCTO is encouraging people to join up until the last day of submissions.

You can visit their Facebook page https:/www.facebook.com/octlucena/and revisit the guidelines and mechanics for the three ( 3) contests.


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