An Artist who rediscover the word “refinement” within his community

by Niña Mendoza October 6, 2021 After he was advised by his doctor to take a morning walk because of his medical condition; he discovered h...

by Niña Mendoza
October 6, 2021

An Artist who rediscover the word “refinement” within his community
After he was advised by his doctor to take a morning walk because of his medical condition; he discovered his Passion for sketching places near their community.
  Artist: Rom Cahilo

I believe the revolution of Art is looking for inspiration in a scarce resource because we are able to challenge and surprise ourselves with rare projects to relate to and to broaden from and there we produce much more exciting stories to share.

Nothing compares to the solace feeling free-hand sketches give, it is simple yet satisfying to look at; I believe it is because of the taste found in the Subject itself and how soulful taking the moment to capture it. This Filipino Architect scoop us with him through his sketches, from his errands up to the places that participated in their family's daily routes in Pasig. His version of satellite and detailed places is delirious to look at because of the familiarity of being too local and being at home.

Earlier this year Rom Cahilo; the Artist needed to resign from his work to focus on his health. His doctor advised him to walk every morning because of his medical issues, then there he found a new way to relieve stress which is called "sketch-walk''.

"My doctor advised me to walk every morning, -that's why- lately most of my illustrations are the structures I always pass by. I wanted to document our place; the nearby palengke, the place where I usually get my haircut, etc. just so I can have something to look back" Rom - Artist/Architect said.

"I was kind of raised in a rough area. Somehow surrounded by these houses and stores made from cement and "yero" that where the rustic and earth color came from. I added shadow just to have the illustration depth and volume. It also makes the illustration close to reality for me" he said.

As an Architect environmental setting that surrounds him is influential for him, He found to appreciate materials that are not so foreign like "yero" which creates rusty color schemes and textures for his work, this adds flavors to his afternoon color mood and shadowed shades. I must say his work is too local for others to understand but with its exclusivity, it is interesting to know about.

His sketches show justice for his homage in the townships here in the Philippines, that it made that whole Art light and pleasant. He captures to render the beauty found in the rightful angles in his neighborhood, that the adjacent of his work together with other subjects in the streets blends perfectly, testimonial for his appreciation for his subject. Reminds me of the day where we took a walk after school hours, creates odd tension and nostalgia.

He is also delighted to let us experience the "siesta" feeling after eating heartwarming foods with the excessive quality found in his Artwork that suits the culture of the Philippines perfectly.

"I also engage in drawing food. My parents cook so well. Just to have a linkage to my current art subject I put the facade of the stores where we usually buy the ingredients" he said.

"Currently I'm using brown and black ballpoint pens and different shades of gray markers. Usually, I draw on vellum paper. Compared to normal bond paper, this kind of paper is thicker." he said.

In his art, you can see how simple yet substantial it is because of its authenticity. The Artist fueled his Art by not underestimating where he is from and being true to his situation and working with what he has for the moment. That everything can be momentary if we look closely and open our senses with the possibility of seeing refinement.

"I think my art style came naturally, firstly because of the environment that I was raised in, second by these awesome urban sketchers in Instagram (@/marpoulieart and @/chrisdove). Lastly, I'm also an architect. Most of the art techniques I use are rooted in the teachings I learned from PUP Sta-Mesa. It is in college I started using markers for my plates, the very first try, attempt and exploring the capabilities of the medium." he said

He was able to translate Filipino culture well into an originally interesting place. The art style keeps and preserves the look and the feel of these streets where he didn't take for granted the beauty of his timeline with his "realistic" lifestyle. Just a pure delight, one of the most pleasant surprises to see in some Artists today. You have to be a Filipino to relate but you don't need to be a Filipino to love his art.


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