Manny Pacquiao’s lonely road to presidency

by Henry Buzar December 16, 2021 Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao’s Cinderella-like rise to fame was not because he is good-looking (he could p...

by Henry Buzar
December 16, 2021

Manny Pacquiao’s lonely road to presidency
Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao’s Cinderella-like rise to fame was not because he is good-looking (he could pass as a kontrabida) or having an elite old rich clan like Kris Aquino but of sheer guts believing in the KO power of his two fists and a mighty mouse speed.

When he won his first US fight against Lehlo Ledwaba, he was interviewed with an interpreter beside him. Now, after two decades, he was seen in television being interppelated by Senator Drilon. Sitting as a Senator, Manny has 10 absences, topping the honor roll of most absences. His latest non-appearance was due to his training and fight with Ugas who unexpectedly mauled him.

Now, he is on track with his dream of becoming the 17th President of the Republic sans Pamatong whom President Duterte dubbed as the 17th President.

But the road to the presidency is a hilly, rough road and lonely for Manny Pacquiao. He has no regular Senate candidates but included 8 among the present and past politicians as his guests' candidates including Binay. Pacquaio based on his recent mainstream media interview, hates corrupt government officials and promised a reckoning.

It seems money cannot buy candidates. His rough estimation and lack of political machinery as it is mostly buried in Manila Bay, shows the lack of planning on his part relying on only one person, Mr. Koko Pimentel, the Executive Vice-Chair of PDP-LABAN.

When Pacquiao visited Batangas recently, he distributed crisp P1K bill to people who lined up the streets that triggered the controversial lapse of VP Robredo on buying and selling of votes. Based on recent surveys, it seems money cannot even buy votes when Pacquiao rates at the bottom of the five or so candidates for the Presidency.

It’s a lonely road to Malacanang since a handful of actors and actresses who can help him attract voters were driven to Moreno and Robredo and people would not dare have a second look at Annabelle Rama as his ardent supporter and alalay.

Local government executives and officials drawing votes is a foregone conclusion. Manny with his money can easily get their support. However, again due to bad planning and projection and by just relying on his popularity, most government officials were drawn to the group of President Duterte and his ace Bong Go. Once Duterte announced his candidacy for Senator, this could help affirm his team up with the LCEs because of his still firm clout of the government’s budget.

To win, Pacquaio needs another boxing fight with Mayweather before the election that would provide the much-needed fund for his enthronement as the next Philippine King which is a “punch to the moon of a fading star.”


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