CATANAUAN KA-NGANI with PhilTOA FUNdemic Caravan 2021

by Nenita Ramiro- Rondera December 18, 2021 Catanauan Mayor Ramon A. Orfanel and wife, Atty. Almira A. Orfanel (Photo from LGU Catanauan) CA...

by Nenita Ramiro- Rondera
December 18, 2021

CATANAUAN KA-NGANI with PhilTOA FUNdemic Caravan 2021
Catanauan Mayor Ramon A. Orfanel and wife, Atty. Almira A. Orfanel (Photo from LGU Catanauan)

CATANAUAN, Quezon - This 2021, Catanauan is on its 335th year. It became a First-class municipality in Quezon in 2009 and has a population of 72,752 people according to the 2020 census. Presently, it is more distinguished because of its very promising spot in the business world of Bondoc Peninsula. It owns some of the commercial enterprises which are being patronized for more than three decades now, not only by the townspeople but also by the residents from other towns.

Catanauan lies quietly while looking at its mountainous backdrop and dips at its crystal sea water but much more, it takes pride on its being one of the favorite tourist hubs in Quezon Province. Its 18 resorts, seven hotels and eight restaurants are truly becoming famous to other far and wide places, particularly the resorts which are being often frequented.

The 30th of November 2021 sealed another momentous event for Catanauan. Despite the unpredictable weather condition that might disrupt the celebration, the first-ever visit of the Philippine Tour Operators Association and the Tourism Promotion Board Philippines could not be halted.

It was welcomed with much pleasure and anticipation. The concerted effort and time by the Catanauan Tourism Officers and the LGU created an admirably well-organized and productive program.

The visit called “Catanauan Ka-Ngani with PhilTOA Fundemic Caravan 2021” is an interlude to prove Catanauan’s steadfastness and hopefulness in the midst of adversity caused by Covid-19 pandemic. With this event, it is like answering questions as: Where else can one find both beauty and fun when this life seemed so perturbing?

Another is, in this challenging time, life became very short and more uncertain, is there still a naturally relaxing space where one can discover a close-to-nature enjoyment?

The organizers made sure that everything was carefully planned and every plan precisely followed as to give every visitor that relaxation and fun he/she needed.

In the morning of that day, the touring group first visited the Divine Mercy Heritage in General, Luna Quezon, afterwards they dropped by at Casa Joros Beach Resort in Tuhian where they were received with warmth and generosity.

They were served with delectable foods like crispy lechon, tapa and native delicacies. Around 4:00 pm they proceeded to the town proper and stopped by Centropen Hotel and Resto to watch the cooking demonstrations for creamiest halo-halo in town, sweet and spicy Chami pansit, and Sinalab, a native goody in the town.

Afterwards, at around 6:30 pm they were toured to the Immaculate Conception Parish Church, followed then was a visit to the Abella’s, and the Abadilla-Barinque’s ancestral houses.

The highlight of the program happened during the gala night, when the tourism officials and visitors together with the LGU Catanauan headed by its Local Chief Executive, Atty. Ramon A. Orfanel and wife, Atty. Almira A. Orfanel gathered at EYNS Hotel and Restaurant to watch some of the town’s best things to offer like its cultural dances, the Abaruray ( one of the dances that originated from Luzon) and the Malaguena ( a lively dance that was brought by the Spaniards to the Philippines), also, to savor the town’s delicious glutinous delicacies like, tikoy, suman, sinukmani, bibingkang kanin and cuchinta as well as the often favorite viands like ginataang hipon with sitaw, tinigang na isda, fried squid and crispy tapa (beef).

The inspirational message was given by Mr. Cesar Cruz, President & General Manager of T.R.I.P.s Travel Inc. The induction of Catanauan Tourism Officers was also done with Ms. Raquel A. Boncan, former President of PhilTOA and known to be the Grandmother of Catanauan Local Tourism, as the Inducting Officer. The list of Catanauan Tourism officers for 2021-2022 are as follows: Krizzia Ann Mendenilla-Natividad (President), Josephine Garcia-Pardilla (Vice- President), Vicenta C. Aguilar (Secretary), Susana Baldesco (Asst. Secretary), Josefina Caneda (Treasurer), Amelia Recafrente ( Asst. Treasurer), Mary Ann Mendoza-Medina (Auditor), and Maan P. Ilao ( PRO).

The program concluded with a hope that this PhilTOA and TBP visit will inspire as well as propel Catanauan to move forward to achieving a definite place in the tourism industry.

CATANAUAN KA-NGANI with PhilTOA FUNdemic Caravan 2021
(L-R) Atty. Almira A. Orfanel, Marites T. Castro, Regional Director - DOT Region 4A-CALABARZON Mayor Ramon A. Orfanel , Raquel A. Boncan , (former President of PhilTOA and Founder - Consultant of Catanauan Ka- Ngani Hotel & Resort Association) Cesar Cruz ( PhilTOA PRESIDENT), Krizzia Ann Mendenilla- Natividad ( President of Catanauan Tourism Association) The rest are Travel Operators/ Gen. Managers and Owners. (Photo from LGU Catanauan)


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