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Agriculture of fisheries to be strengthened through data-driven policymaking

By Nimfa Estrellado Normita Pagkatipunan, Supervising Statistical Specialist - PSA Quezon, spoke about the 2022 CAF and its impact on the ag...

By Nimfa Estrellado

Agriculture of fisheries to be strengthened through data-driven policymaking
Normita Pagkatipunan, Supervising Statistical Specialist - PSA Quezon, spoke about the 2022 CAF and its impact on the agricultural and fisheries sectors at a press conference on September 4, 2023, at Antigua Restaurant in Lucena City, Quezon. (Photo by Sentinel Times)

LUCENA CITY - Data-driven policymaking in agriculture and fisheries has the potential to revolutionize these sectors by providing valuable insights and evidence-based decision-making. By harnessing the power of data, policymakers can identify trends, anticipate challenges, and design targeted interventions to enhance productivity, sustainability, and resilience in these industries, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

The province of Quezon heavily relies on the agriculture sector for its economic growth and stability. With the integration of data-driven approaches, policymakers can better understand the specific needs and challenges faced by local farmers and fishermen, leading to more effective policies and initiatives that promote growth, job creation, and food security in the province.

During a Census of Agriculture and Fisheries (CAF) press conference in Lucena City on September 4, 2023, Airene Pucyutan, provincial statistics officer of the PSA Quezon, stated that the CAF is a large-scale government undertaking geared toward the collection and compilation of basic information on the country's agricultural and fishery sectors.

The census' primary goal is to identify the structural characteristics of the country's agriculture and fishing sectors. It also intends to give basic statistics on agriculture, aquaculture, and fishery features for use in national and local policymaking by the government.

"This will strengthen the collective efforts of both the government and private sectors for the advancement of agriculture and fisheries sectors in the country—that is why we are soliciting support from all the government agencies and instrumentalities, local government units, and the private sector to provide assistance for the conduct of the 2022 CAF on the target stakeholders," said Pucyutan.

She also stated that the survey will be done in 261 sample barangays in the province to acquire data on the current situation of agriculture and fisheries. The data gathered will be useful in identifying areas for improvement and will drive the establishment of policies and programs that will benefit the region's farmers and fishermen.

Normita Pagkatipunan, Supervising Statistical Specialist at PSA Quezon, highlighted the significance of introducing data analytics to the 2022 CAF.

She emphasized that this integration will enable policymakers to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information, leading to more effective strategies and policies for the sectors involved.

This estimate of 62K operators in farming, fishing, and aquaculture and 58K household members in the said sector will be included in the survey. The data collected will provide a comprehensive understanding of the sector's workforce and their contributions to the local economy.

The census will take place between September 4 and October 5, 2023. Operators, officers, or members of the household who can offer essential data on the household and the operations of farming, fishing, and aquaculture are expected to answer the visiting census enumerators.

Furthermore, the PSA urges all persons who will participate in the census, particularly barangay authorities, to help with this task by giving honest and accurate information. PSA census enumerators will conduct personal interviews with households and operators in the sample barangay.

Every ten years, CAF is conducted to assess the structural characteristics of the agricultural and fishing industries. It also intends to provide basic information on agricultural farming, livestock, poultry, aquaculture, and fishing operations depending on the facilities and services available in the barangays.

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