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100 TODA officers and members attend SSS sulit - forum

LUCENA CITY, Quezon - Some 100 members of Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association (TODA) of Pacific Mall and Metro Lucena attended the SSS Sulit Forum organized by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA)- Quezon-Region-4A and Social Security System (SSS) Friday, July 27, 2018 at Pacific Mall activity center, this city.

Senior analyst Erwin Mauban of SSS- Lucena City branch discussed the value of SSS membership to the attendees before the open forum.

Mauban encouraged the officers and members of the TODA- pacific mall and Metro Lucena particularly those who are non-SSS members to become a member of the Social Security System (SSS) and to avail SSS benefits by paying their monthly contributions as volunteer members.

Corporate executive officer Grace Valdez and Senior Analyst Rhodora Alday on the other hand led the open forum and entertained questions/ querries from the attendees about the membership and the benefits that may be availed by the attendees.

During the forum, the officers and members of TODA-Pacific and Metro Lucena agreed with the SSS to put up “Alkansiya” at the Pacific Mall, Lucena City to finance their monthly SSS payments/ contributions.

The SSS-Sulit forum was held as part of the advocacy campaign program of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA)-Region-4A and Social Security System (SSS) to increase the level of awareness of the attendees on SSS programs and activities.

Prior to the forum, the PIA-Quezon and SSS-Lucena branch also organized a motorcade at the City proper to encourage other self- employed individuals to become a regular member of SSS. (Ruel Orinday-PIA-Quezon)


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