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Extensive training against Covid-19 conducted in Quezon

By Nimfa Estrellado
May 1, 2020

Day 1 and 2 morning session (April 27-28, 2020) Training on Specimen Collection and Management and Proper Donning and Doffing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) attended by representatives from the District Hospitals, Rural Health Units and private Hospitals in Quezon Province. (Photo by Quezon-PIO)

LUCENA CITY, Quezon - Given the continuing threat of spreading Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) across the region, Quezon Provincial Government medical frontliners and other staff continue to combat Covid-19.

As a result, the provincial government of Quezon, headed by the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO), is undertaking four days of intensive training on Specimen selection, packaging and transporting (Oropharyngeal and Nasopharyngeal swabbing), proper wear and removal of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Disinfection and Decontamination orientation and Infection Prevention for Funeral Homes handling of remains for Covid-19 patients, this April 27-30, 2020 at the Queen Margarette Hotel, Domoit, Lucena City.


This training and orientation are intended to further enhance our medical frontliners' knowledge, skills, and readiness to tackle the pandemic. Participants in this training are also required to share with their respective departments and organizations, what they have learned.

Approximately 500 medical frontliners including Municipal Health Officers, hospital chiefs, other physicians, nurses, and health care workers from various District Hospitals, Rural Health Units, and Private Hospitals across Quezon Province attended the training. Besides, the training orientation also provided some workers with the tombs, so they would have the experience of treating the remains of those killed in Covid-19 properly.

There are currently 62 recorded cases of Covid-19 in the province of Quezon, making Danilo E. Suarez's call continue to unite and adhere to every measure issued by the provincial government to ensure the protection and health not only of every citizen but also of our medical frontliners.

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