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By Dr. Dorelene V. Dimaunahan, MScM, CFE, CMA, CHRP
June 21, 2020


During the GCQ, workplace operations have started resuming for some companies. The good side is, business owners get to start catching up on their operations, to cope up with operating expenses. The same goes for employees who are able to receive salaries and save up for what has been lost for the past three months. Yet, there are a lot of adjustments brought about by the #NewNormal in the Workplace.

To Test or Not To Test?

There has been a growing concern amidst businesses as to whether the company should undergo mass testing. Although testing may seem scary at first, the mindset must be for the benefit of the general public. We know that there are many who can be asymptomatic. By undergoing mass testing, one can not only prevent himself for herself from something worse. That person is also a hero for preventing others to contract the disease.


Aside from testing, safety protocols, and sanitation procedures must strictly be followed.

Mental Health Considerations


Mental health has been striking many individuals both locally and globally. Fear, stress and anxiety are common and will not be resolved until this pandemic is finally over. For this reason, business owners must set the tone for hope and positivity in the workplace. Despite social distancing measures and a skeletal workforce, merely talking to one another and giving emotional support is key. Constant communication are, after all, “free” forms of therapy.

The #NewWorkplace


Regardless of the company’s size, the workplace is expected to be disrupted for a while. However, if individuals, groups and leaders of the organization exert collaborative efforts to ensure a balanced workplace, the #NewWorkplace will be able to surpass this temporary challenge.


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