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Sinag Quezon encourages community for vaccination

by Raadee Sausa
May 4, 2021

Sinag Quezon encourages community for vaccination
Sinag Quezonsuccessfully conducted this year's Vaccination Information Dissemination event in Quezon(Photo from Sinag Quezon)

LUCENA CITY - A nonpartisan youth organization has successfully conducted this year's Vaccination Information Dissemination event in Quezon recently.

The Sinag Quezon event entitled, That Thing Called Bakuna, attended by more than 200 participants through virtual.

The program focused on the dissemination of accurate information about the vaccination plans and data, and it encouraged the communities in the province to take part in the vaccination program of the government through social media posts.

The group advocating for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Quezon.

It contributed to the attainment of the SDG 3 or Good Health and Well-Being, and the Philippine National COVID-19 Vaccination Deployment Plan to deliver safe, effective, and accessible vaccines in the country.

Arvie Aquino, project head, said this event aims to raise awareness for the Quezonians.

“We pursued the event, That Thing Called Bakuna, not to let Quezonians feel that they are forced to be vaccinated. We pursued this event to let people know that they have a choice," she said.

Aquino also added that "for one person to end up with the right choice, that person must be aware of all the given choices. The webinar was pursued because we wanted information to be disseminated to everyone. Always be aware and do not let any virus take your way."

Moreover, to achieve this goal, two experts imparted their knowledge during the event.

Melvin Sanicas, a Vaccinologist and Virologist talked about COVID-19 Vaccine Myths. And Grace Santiago, the Quezon Provincial Health Officer, discussed the Deployment and Vaccination Plan of the National Government and Quezon Province.

Sanicas, however, said that as we are fighting for the virus, we are also fighting for the misinformation.

“Tigilan ang pagkalat ng virus. Labanan ang pagkalat ng maling impormasyon. If we really work together, we can create something that’s been said to be impossible and if the world works together, we were able to create the vaccine,” he said.

For her part, Santiago assures that Quezon Province will deliver effective and high-quality vaccines.

“We will provide free, effective, high-quality vaccines against SARS-COV 2. We will prioritize the most at risk and most vulnerable population,” she said.

The Sinag Quezon will continue to spread accurate information regarding COVID-19 Vaccine through brochures that will be disseminated on Sinag Quezon’s Community Pantries (Lucena, Tayabas, Sariaya, Lucban, Pitogo) and in every barangays through the help of the SK Federation of Lucena City and Lucban Quezon.


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